When Should You Light the Unity Candle?

When Should You Light the Unity Candle?

Here are a couple of Q&A’s you’ll probably ask yourself if you’re planning on having a unity candle during your wedding ceremony.

Questions you may have about the Unity Candle.

  1. How does the unity candle work?
  2. When should the unity candle be lit?
  3. Should both sets of parents light the unity candle?
  4. Should the bride & groom light their candle first or use the lit candle from their parents?

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Answers to your Unity Candle questions.

The lighting of the unity candle is lit by the bride and groom from each family and represents the union of two families coming together and creating their own family.

Most times the mothers will light the family candles, then each of you will take your family candle and use it to light your unity candle (could be a larger candle, different color or different design), which is placed in the center of the table and the family candles are on the respective sides for each family.

Another option would be to have the fathers to participate as well. Why? Because it gives the reflection of the commitment each of you are making to each other and it reminds everyone present of your parents’ commitments.

The unity candle is typically lit directly after the exchanging of your vows. I hope this helps!


When should the unity cancle be lit?
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